About Joe DiMaggio, LLC

Joe DiMaggio, LLC, manages and licenses the Joe DiMaggio brand, which celebrates this quintessential American hero and athlete whose legendary hitting streak has gone unchallenged to this day.

Both on and off the diamond, Joe DiMaggio embodied the American spirit of integrity, charity, perseverance and the ability to win while raising the game of those around him – all while demonstrating artless grace and era-defining style.

The re-casting of this rich legacy into a lifestyle brand rekindles the excitement and sense of human potential Joe inspired. Today, with gracefully dignified power in shorter supply than ever, Joe DiMaggio can inspire Americans to recognize and tap their own personal greatness.

Press Releases

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Celebrates New Facility with Community Ceremony and National Joe DiMaggio Day


Elizabeth Kanna
Managing Partner, Joe DiMaggio, LLC
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Managing Partner, Joe DiMaggio LLC
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