Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 11: A Chance To Sweep Is Spoiled

Joe Dimaggio’s Streak, Game 11: May 25, 1941 A picture-perfect spring day called 36,431 to the House That Ruth Built on this Sunday. What wasn’t to like? The Yankees were playing better, future Hall of Famer Lefty Grove was on the mound for the Red Sox and Ted Williams was in town—a guy who everybody […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 12: Bring on the Heat (and the Streak) in Washington

Game 12, May 27, 1941 Ever been to the zoo and watched the lions just before feeding time? On Monday, May 26, one could imagine 24 hungry Yankees pacing up and down the aisles as their train inched closer and closer to Griffiths Stadium in Washington. Tomorrow was the start of a three-game stand in […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 13: All Concern No Longer on the Field

Game 13: May 28, 1941 “I have tonight issued a proclamation that an unlimited national emergency exists and requires the strengthening of our defense to the extreme limit of our national power and authority,” came the message from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Most of the players gathering at the ballpark had heard most of the […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 14: Stop the Presses! DiMaggio Strikes Out!

Game 14, May 29, 1941 Off and on it had rained through the night in Washington, D.C. As game time approached at now-soggy Griffith Stadium on May 29, 1941, doubts increased about whether the game would be played. Eddie Rommel was the umpire crew chief and scheduled behind the plate. He believed conditions were good […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Games 15 & 16: DiMaggio Probably Got an Earful

Games 15 & 16, May 30, 1941 It was once called Decoration Day. Later, Congress designated May 30 as Memorial Day, a time to honor all Americans who had fallen in battle while protecting our nation. Because it was a national holiday—this year falling on a Friday—Major League Baseball took the opportunity to cement its […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Games 17 & 18: League Park Was Alive on June 1, 1941

Games 17 & 18, June 1, 1941 The first-place Indians were on an envied perch, first place. The brilliant Sunday sun shone brightly after rain washed out a scheduled Saturday contest. Another doubleheader and the Yankees would start two eventual Hall of Fame pitchers—Lefty Gomez and Red Ruffing. On May 29, Bob Feller had blanked […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 19: Remembering and Restoring Remnants of Glory

Game 19: June 2, 1941 It was back to work for most Cleveland residents. The crowd of 52,240 of the day before shrank to less than 6,000 for the Monday game. Despite Bob Feller on the mound, that twin bill setback might have hung heavy over the heads of the local fans. Regardless, those in […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 20: Drizzle in Detroit as the Baseball World Mourns

Game 20, June 3, 1941. On the night of June 2, 1941, a 19-game hitting streak meant nothing to Joe DiMaggio. Closing in on first place, the New York Yankees could not care less. Now in Detroit, at the Book-Cadillac Hotel, something was very wrong. Kostya Kennedy’s book 56: Joe DiMaggio and the Last Magic […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 21: Melancholy Yankees Rained Out, Then Lose

Game 21, June 5, 1941. It poured on June 4, in Detroit—the day New York City held services for the great Lou Gehrig. Bill Dickey, Joe McCarthy and Bill “Bojangles” Robinson were among his pallbearers. It almost felt appropriate that the game with Detroit was rained out, but hanging around the hotel rather than playing […]

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 22: Yankees Feast in St. Louis Series

Game 22: June 7, 1941 Now in St. Louis for a three-game series, the Yankees attracted a dismal Saturday “crowd” on June 7. Only 2,394 fans showed up. Despite The Streak. St. Louis was a Cardinals’ town—and besides, old Sportsman’s Park was a dump. As the Yankees prepared for their first game, they bumped into […]