The Man


Joe DiMaggio - The ManBigger than the game that made him an American icon, Joe DiMaggio, the man, enchanted a nation and earned a revered place in history with his natural grace, undeniable power, and unparalleled 56-game hitting streak. DiMaggio is both myth and legend who adds intrigue and honor to American history.

Known for his devotion to the game of baseball as much as for his athletic prowess, DiMaggio changed the way America viewed the sport, entertaining sports fans of all ages and from all demographics and walks of life like had never been done before.

Fans described his style as pure, graceful and fluid; his performance on the field was truly something to behold and left fans awestruck. But his influence did not stop with the game of baseball. DiMaggio was known to bring the same level of devotion and gracefulness to other causes and people in his life.

Generation after generation continues to remember Joe DiMaggio—the man, not just the baseball player. His legacy of perseverance, devotion and greatness carry on and continue to inspire our culture inside and outside of the sports world to this day.