Create Your Own 56-Day Hitting Streak by “Choosing Yourself”

(James Altucher is an entrepreneur and writer who has failed, lost everything, and succeeded and failed and succeeded many times. He’s lived to tell the tale, he writes about it in his book, “Choose Yourself – be happy, make millions, live the dream” and on his blog at Imagine for a second: A nation […]

56 Things To Know About Joe DiMaggio

He was born Giuseppe Paolo DiMaggio on November 25, 1914 in Martinez, CA. 8th of 9 children He went to Galileo High School in San Francisco Two of his brothers, Dom and Vince, also played in the Major Leagues He played his first professional game at age 17 in the tough Pacific Coast League In […]

What Does Joe DiMaggio Mean to America? (Interview with Ken Burns)

It’s a question we’ve asked historians, authors, key commentators of our times, producers and fans across the web. In this new series, we’ll be featuring some of these insightful interviews with you. Our first interview is with a man who needs no introduction: film producer Ken Burns. Elizabeth Kanna:    This is Elizabeth Kanna with Joe […]